The Million dollar question

OK… so does the aeros loopstation sync with anything else over midi besides the maestro and buddy? ive had it for a bit and have been able to get it communicating with absolutely nothing. also what is the purpose of the bluetooth ? i see in debug that it has bluetooth i do not however see any menu for connection.

It certainly syncs to my Disaster Area midi clock pedal with no problems, at all.

Syncs with MC8 and MC6. Bluetooth is a future feature, I believe.

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It definitely does work, can I ask how your connecting and what you’re connecting to please?

Also, we put Bluetooth in there for reasons… this is what marketing tells me to say… so it’s there for stuff, that I can assure you of.

:eyes: Am I being cryptic enough?

Is there a tutorial how to sync with the Morningstar MC8 MIDI foot controller?

I would try either YouTube, or you could post on the forum in a new topic.