The Mini and "metal" beats

New to the forum here and in need of some advice.

I quite recently purchased the Beatbuddy Mini, but it looks like I didn’t do my research very well, because it does not seem to be well suited to my use. Primarely I am a metal player, although I do play some rock/bluesy/classics too, but my focus is slower/midtempo heavy stuff, and the beats that are in the pedal just aren’t suited to this at all. These busy staccato double bass rhythms that feel so very specific to what should be played, are just something I cannot use as a general songwriting tool. Even just for first draft/demo purposes. It would really have been useful if the standard package that was included in the pedal contained some more generally usable, stable 8th and 16th note double bass, and some more classic rhythms. In 35 years of listening to metal in all its forms from lighter to more extreme there are just none of the drumbeats that I would associate with the genre in this pedal. It’s just too bad, because the sound and usability is good.

But I guess that I am totally out of luck here, and there is no way to add beats to the mini, or any hope for a software/firmware update that can address this?..

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I play hard rock and metal too. I have the standard BB. The Metal beats are useless in my opinion. Just “overdone” as you have stated (mainly the bass drum). I had to settle for the Rock beats.

Thanks. Yeah, looks like I will have to sell it or use it for more standard rock/blues stuff which would be 10% of my playing… I think the Rock beats are quite good, but for most Metal they are just a little too “bouncy” and upbeat to make them work if you see what I mean. Such a shame.

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