The miracle of the day

Hello everyone.

The miracle of the day.

Since the first version 5 beta has arrived, I have never been able to make this update by scrupulously respecting the method described in this forum. I tested several SD cards from 4 to 32 g, on several computers.
Each time, I had an error message, or the card was not read at all.

Today, Halleluia !!! , I did not follow the planned method.
I downloaded the planned file, copied to an SD card, renamed the file released the PC card.
Until the, everything complies with the method.
For the rest, I turned on my aeros which contains no card. Once the main view is loaded, I introduced the SD card with the update file in the lit device, when it is not necessary to update this way.
Miracle, I look at the screen, the screen shows me “new update available” and asks me to validate if I want to do it. I validate by “yes”, and the miracle! The long -awaited version 5 beta is installed without problem.
Now I let you explain to me why my method, which goes against that what you recommend to work.
I am waiting for your explanations

Good day to all !

Hello there, this is not a miracle, this is a normal way to update the Aeros, but to simplify we do not tell people the various methods so that there is less room for error when following the steps.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some sort of bug somewhere when trying to write these files once they are downloaded via wifi or available on the SD, but it’s interesting that using another method fixed it for you and could be a clue as to why sometimes (for some users) the files do not work.

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: