The mute track function?

I notice that when I mute a track on part 1 and go to track 2
When I switch back to track 1, the track is still muted.
I have the Beatbuddy and it’s very cool when you mute a track and switch again on it when using the BB transition ,That this track is playing again automatically
Could be a nice feature to add or do I miss something ?

Probably something you could program with MIDI once that is released.

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Yeah, on thing I’m looking for is if they give MIDI the ability to explicitly set a track to be either MUTE or UNMUTE. You can do a lot with a single part that way and control it better at the transition.

I already program switches in my controller to do song-specific muting, but since the MUTE is a toggle action only, the programming itself isn’t as straight forward as it could be. My performance has to rely on me staying true to a predetermined pattern.

The timing of doing MUTES can also be tricky. If I want to enter another part and have its track1 muted, and I’m also using EOL or EOM part switching, the mute commands cannot come before the track actual switches. They’ll apply to the part I’m currently on, not the next part I’m going into. With execution and timing of MIDI based in a system like a sequencer (drum machine), it’s easier to get certain things to happen reliably … so perhaps that’s the advantage BB has with this.

Anyway, I’ve wrestled with all this stuff, hoping the next MIDI firmware will make life a little easier. Would like to see some sort of MIDI Implementation chart for the new stuff. It must be fleshed out by now.

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We don’t believe we will be creating a setting to support this

As far as MIDI goes, basically, muting logic cannot currently support mute/unmute commands sent across a transition. We can support (un)muting the track that is in the current part during a transition, however.

Eventually you could get this behavior from however, we just need to build support for setting up multiple events like transition +mute/unmute for commands other than record/overdub (which are currently supported).

This is part of our plan for the MIDI expansion! We plan on creating commands that handle only mute and unmute instead of toggling back and forth.

Thanks for the feedback!

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