The New "Default Brushes V3" Sound Harsh To My Ears

Hi - Long time/First time so bear with me…

I purchased the new Songwriter Brushes Collection and in order to do so you are instructed to also upgrade to the new Brushes V3.

I did both.

With all due respect SS/BB content makers - all the songs I previously created using the original Brushes IMO sound awful now. They are now using this new Brushes V3 and they sound harsh, tinny and even abnormally louder than all the others.

To be clear these are mostly songs I used orig. Blues, Rock, etc and changed the drum to Brushes.

Has anyone else experienced this?

What’s also strange is if I play any of the new Songwriter Brushes, they sound great and normal yet the other Brushes songs I previously created sound bad and nothing alike. Now I find myself redoing all of my orig songs using Jazz Brushes to get back closer to the old Brushes sound.

Again… is this just me hearing this?..and no pride involved here - tell me - did I maybe mess something up downloading these? Man I’d love to see a more user friendly BB Manager created and iPad compatible too!

Thanks in advance for input from the experts.


Ooh @Mdccook… you just led me to the solution (thanks)! Didn’t realize we could have previous version drumsets co-existing with current versions so I hunted down Brushes 1.2 and 2.0 and renamed them all (current “Brushes” to "Brushes 3.0, Brushes 1.2, etc, etc) and now can pick between all of them.

Chime in experts if this will do any residual damage?..everything tests out ok.

No residual damage. As long as you can see all 3 versions in BBM, you have apparently renamed the kits in the correct manner, and you should be free to select and use them as you desire.

Thank you Phil and for all your time, content and support in general in this forum!

Sub related…
Is there really a big difference between Brushes 1.2 and 2.0… I’m not catching the nuance if there is. Tx!

iIRC, the 1.2 to 2.0 change was when tambourine, shaker and cowbells got added to kits.

I think I may try a rename and install of the older brush kits as well. The v3.0 version had just seemed too overbearing in some of the material I’m playing.