The Other Beat Buddy Software?

I was going download and install the ‘other software’ (not the BB Manager) for the Beat Buddy on a new PC, but it doesn’t seem to be on Singular’s support page where I usually look and I can’t recall the name of it to do a search in the forum. Is it somewhere in the forum or elsewhere?

Thanks, the name eluded me :+1:

Perhaps it should be added to the main support page?

Yeah, perhaps, otherwise how would a new BB user even know the ‘Loader’ software existed. The main support page is where most folks would explore what was available for docs and downloads.

It would seem to be a reasonable suggestion but I’m wondering if they have not posted it because it was/is beta.

And why create it when Manager does the same thing and more?

SS has found it hard to maintain the BBM so they created this smaller tool from scratch that only does on thing.

Guess I was being a little facetious. I love BBM.

Hey all,

The BeatBuddy Loader is about to have an update which will technically be in beta but we are pretty confident it is going to be the official version soon

It is correct that we did not put it on our website yet because it is technically still in beta and people are having some issues with it, we apologize for any confusion

The BeatBuddy Loader is not meant to replace the Beachbody Manager, it is something that is meant as a stopgap application to help what we believe to be 90% of users; people usually just want to add content and put content on their SD and rearrange it. Very few actually edit songs/drum sets and create them. This seemed like a good thing to build while we work on BBM2.

Not to say that we do not care about those that do create drum sets and songs and added content, but we need to make a strong BeatBuddy Manager Software that can handle this in a way that is modern, creative, and maybe even a little fun

Thanks for the feedback!