The Other One re-up - The Grateful Dead (song is aka That's It For the Other One)

I was first made aware of this song soon after a friend had loaned me his copy of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. That book got me “on the bus.”

The original Dead recording, IIRC, is from Anthem of the Sun, and it is a much longer piece, a suite really. But, the Dead would have this appear in their live set from time to time, often as part of a medley. This version is mostly inspired by a Bob Weir and Mickey Hart version I found on YouTube.

I just thought it would feel good with my Coffee House kit. The arrangement is all original, I take blame for all of the parts. I kinda feel like the hammered dulcimer part is Jerry looking down playing his harp. That said, I am not trying to replicate anyone's arrangement here. This is just a version for a nice extended jam.

Uses STAX Coffee House kit. Other STAX kits may work.
Includes: .sng, my original midi parts, and words and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

Download Here