The Police folder does not sound

I have recorded the folder of The Police to my SD card but it does not sound does not play

Does it play in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)? If not, re-download from the Premium Library and import the folder again.

If it does play and sound in the BBM, try to export or to sync it again and see if that changes anything.

I have just done it, but the songs of the Police Folder do not sound in the BBM neither my BB. What can i do?

Hmmm. Here’s some more things to try:

  1. Delete the Police folder using your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  2. Unzip the Police folder (pbf file) and place it on your desktop
  3. From the BBM File > Import > Folder, select the Police file and choose Open
  4. If you haven’t bought the premium Standard Pro kit, do so; if you have, make sure that the Standard Pro kit is installed and activated (open the Drum Sets tab in the BBM and click on the Standard Pro check box)
  5. If the Standard Pro kit appears in the Police songs, they should now play, if they don’t, make sure the Standard Pro kit is selected for each Police song
  6. If it now plays,
  7. Use the BBM File > Export > Project to SD card and accept the prompt for future synchronization

If this still doesn’t work, please contact me via private message on this forum.

Thank you, so Do I need to buy Standar Pro Drums & Percussion Kit from the Premium Library ?

If you would like the songs to sound as good as Goran Rista intended, I would recommend doing so.

I’m not sure that this is entirely your problem but it’s most likely one part of it.

Once you’ve worked through the other steps I’ve provided, you can probably preview the songs using a free kit that comes close to matching the General MIDI standard and that’s the NP Standard Bass Rhodes kit done by GarryA located here