The “Send Stop At Empty Part” feature is OK, but needs to be more robust

Background: With “Auto” quantize enabled and with the “Send Stop At Empty Part” enabled, (in midi out settings) the ability to define a beat-box tempo at the start of part 1 of a new song with a few measures on track one, then having the Beatbuddy begin playing at the beginning of a track 2 recording works very good and as expected. This is a great feature.

Then, when transitioning to song part 2, the Beatbuddy will stop because of the enabled setting cited above. This operation is working as expected, but the way it works makes sense only if you are in “multi” mode where the intend is to define a different tempo for different song parts. The way this currently operates does not work well if the intent is to have only one tempo for all song parts. Once the tempo is established with the “auto” feature in part 1 and Beatbuddy starts to play, the Aeros stop command should not be issued when changing song parts if the intent is to have only 1 tempo for all song parts, even if the new song parts are empty.

Suggested Feature Request / Solution: Provide an additional menu option that allows the Beatbuddy to start and then continue to play once the auto-quantize tempo has been established in part 1 and transitions to subsequent empty song parts occur. The intended operation is to not have the Beatbuddy start until an “auto” tempo is established in part 1, but then keep the Beatbuddy from stopping when transitioning to new empty parts, once a song is initiated in this manner. The menu option could read as the following “ Send Start Only After Auto-tempo established” I assume that this would occur with the completion of track1 of part1.

Hey there,

The intent of the Send Stop at Empty part is only to cover the case where there are multiple autoquantized tempos in a song, we do not plan on expanding the feature any more as it works well for its intent. For this reason I will tag this as #considered

Thank you for the request!

If the intent for this feature is to work only when multiple auto quantized tempos are being used, then how does one achieve a similar result if only 1 tempo across all song parts is needed. Keeping the same tempo across all parts and preventing a new unrecorded part from starting automatically is a useful function that enables creativity in live settings. Providing the send stop on empty part feature when only one tempo is being used would appear to be less complex to invoke than what you are providing now. Thank you for leaving it on the considered list.