The Spider and The Fly (OPBk(E-piano) and Jam Version, in E) 2018-02-09 - The Rolling Stones - 12 bar blues in E

Use NP E-Piano & 4001 Bass, or NP Big E-Piano & Bass.

The visual metronome will be two beats off the at beginning of the song, to accommodate a 2/4 bar in the intro. After the intro, the visual metronome will be properly aligned.

The package includes an OPBk version, and a jam version, along with the mid parts used to make both versions and a chords and lyrics pdf.

There is a slight difference between the OPBk and the jam version. In the OPBk, there is a quick 4 in the first jam, before the verses. Subsequent verses do not have the quick 4. In the jam version, the main loop plays the quick 4 pattern followed by the no quick 4 pattern.

Educational note: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the terminology, a “quick 4” in a 12 bar blues pattern (and the various derivatives, thereof) indicates that after 4 beats of the 1, or “tonic” chord, i.e., the chord the key is named for, there will be 4 beats of the 4 or “sub-dominant” chord. In the key of E, this is an A chord. It is the 4, because in E, it is the 4th note of the scale, E, F#, G#, A.

Therefore, the quick 4 verses have the pattern:

E A E E A A E E B(7) A(7) E E B(7)

with everything getting 4 beats except for the last E and B7, which each get two beats.

The non-quick pattern is:

E E E E A A E E B(7) A(7) E E B(7).

Download Here