The stop of the Beatbuddy with the Aeros as master outro request

With the Aeros as master, when I press the stop of the looper.
The part stop at the end of the loop and stop the Beatbuddy at the end of the loop to,
but the beatbuddy stop in a normal way.
is it possible that the Beatbuddy play the outro?
like for ex: I press the stop of the looper, the beatbuddy play the outro at the last measure and the looper stop at the end of the loop and this with one press only on the stop of the Aeros.
I mean add a midi feature in the midi setting of the looper that can do this, On or Off

This seems like the next logical step. I bet they’ve already thought of this and will have a new setting for the Aeros in the next update.

The Beatbuddy already responds to CC-115 to trigger the outro, so now the Aeros just needs to send it automatically when you end a song.

Or is there more to it than that?


Hey there,

It does make sense to do something like this so we will be looking into it to see what works best

For this reason, I will tag this as #under-consideration

Thanks for the feedback!

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