The strangest thing just happened!

I logged on to the forum at around 8:50 pm Central daylight savings time. I started with “General” and scrolled down past the stickys in blue and light blue and there were no posts from TODAY. so I scrolled back up to see if I had missed something at the top sections. Nothing from TODAY so I scrolled back down to the white section and there was the title “Wot?” from today and above it was "ZZ Top songs " and a few others from earlier dates. I clicked on Wot? and there was a link to Just Got Paid by Joe Bonamassa and La Grange by ZZ Top. both had the dares of 2016. I was able to download both of these. I thought to myself that the archives had been repaired. I went back and they weren’t on the surface menu any longer , but there were six or so newer posts from today.
I then went and checked my download folder and there they were. I may have accidentally stumbled into a wormhole.
And no , I am not drunk or on drugs.

EDIT: I went back to my "History " and copied the link.

I just went back to the resources archive and the first few pages (157) have their dates changed to 2018/03/09.
I’m guessing that they decided that it was too much trouble to do all of them.

The Beatbuddy team had nothing to do with it. I went back and updated all the unavailable resources I had posted myself.

Gotcha! Thanks for that! Also, for telling me. I thought that I had an out of body time travel Mandella effect experience going on.