The struggle was real!

I just finished creating my first song w/bass, using the most recent version of BB Manager. I loaded it onto the card and Bam!!! I have the three piece band I’ve been trying to put together my entire adult life. At 55 yrs. of age, totally computer ignorant. I am jamming with the band I created. It took a couple long practice sessions to get the timing of fills and transitions down, but now I’m tight with the band. I shed tears of joy as I remembered the struggles of the past. Drummer wont practice anywhere but his place, which smells like there’s a dead hooker under the bed. Cant find the Bass player after the break, cause he’s engaged in some sort of illicit behavior in the alley behind the club where your playing . I don’t even want to contemplate all the Robert Plants, and Axel Roses who thought, without them the world couldn’t spin… The struggle was real! Kids now a days, will only know how real it was if they choose Not to get the Beatbuddy!!! I can hardly wait to be able to afford the Aeros. I’m saving, Its in my future.


55 is a good age. :wink:


With everyone staying home, we now age in reverse dog years. :slight_smile:


I feel exactly the same!!! I almost had tears coming down my face when I first began to jam with beatbuddy and don’t have to wait a drummer@!!!


My first thought after hooking up the BB was, “Oh hell. I might have bitten off more than I can chew.” Then… 10 hours or so on that first weekend of pure dedication to learn how it works and learn my foot stomp timing. Always helps to play more guitar too. Then I found this great site and learned much more. No regrets!


Its been a crazy year, but I think I was born in the best year possible to witness an amazing half century in our history. I cant complain LOL!!

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I’m in a similar boat. I’m struggling just to update my new BeatBuddy out of the Box and figure out the Manager. Also not as computer savvy as I should be, more of a musician than a computer nerd. It’s great to hear that someone that isn’t 15 can do it.

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It wasnt a swift accomplishment. Watch as many videos as you can. I guess I got lucky with the update process. I had a Beat buddy that came with an older version it didnt have the Beatbuudy mini ballads on the card. I let somebody borrow it and it was stolen. I replaced it and it had the newer version on the card. I saved my project to a flash drive. And deleted all the manager sowftware that came with the first peddle and downloaded the newest update. I opened a new project with the new card, imported old files on flash to new project. Dont give up! It’s totally worth the time.

I find them frustratingly vague. Btw… who posts a “printable” manual with black pages and white letters? This is for the Aeros. I’m much more about practical than “arty” at this point.

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I love your bright eyed excitement, it’s precious . . . Reminds me of when I made my first full song (albeit without bass because we still have him, it’s our drummer who got Yoko-ed and needed replacement). Just keep using BBM to create songs and soon enough you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us hoping the open source project will save us from the torture that is the midi editor… :grin:

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Did Beatbuddy release their new version of the manager software? My understanding is that it would include Linux support out of the box. I am waiting until they release the version that is supposed to include Linux before I attempt to dig into the software. Thanks.

Well done. Sounds like where I want to go too. Where is the best place to start for creating bass lines with drum files?

I recall a YouTube video on exactly this subject

I will look for it, I’m ready for it too

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What subject?


for another newbie, care to share what (if any tutorial) you used to get started? I found some on youtube but most are 5 or 6 years old, not sure if they are still relevant. Thanks, your success makes me believe I can do it!

Jan H.

Search the forum here for Reaper and Reaper Tutorial. Some good (if slightly aged) stuff available.

Do you have a specific question? I’m happy to chime in – as are others.


Users drumkits is the first step.