The Ventures Riders in the Sky (cover) by 10 years old Mina Pang and BeatBuddy

Happy 2021 and Happy February to you all! The forum seems awfully quiet. So, here comes our Nokie Edwards inspired version of Riders in the sky to wake up this section of the forum a bit. I love the classic tune as it brings back lots and lots of childhood memories. When the two girls grow up, they are going to have good memories too from the song as not very many kids get invited to play in a Facebook music live gig with tech people arranging everything for us (cos dad doesn’t know how). Still, Beatbuddy helped a lot once again because the drums were there in the studio but we didn’t have anyone to play the drums for us. Cheers!!!


That is fantastic, you are all having fun with those big smiles, and she is spectacular. keep up the great work!

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Sounds great! You’ve got me thinking what film this has been in recently, but I can’t remember. Think it was a Tarantino film.

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I think the name of that recent movie is “Ghost rider in the sky”, with Nicholas Cage in it. ;-))) A metal/ rock version of the song… :wink: