The way you make me feel cover, using a beat I found on the user generated content on the BB forum!

Cheers to whoever made the beat. I was trying out the user generated content on the forum at random and this beat / song was one of the ones I downloaded.


Hey Diego. What a great job with this song.

Thanks man.

Really liked it man, Great vocals and chops cheers

Cheers Wade, I am thinking of doing another cover, possibly forget you from the user generated content beats.

Excelente. Gracias por compartir.

Ale desde Argentina :cool:

O man - Cant believe I missed this one. I’m becoming a fan of yours with every tune/video you post. You wouldn’t happen to have the Chord sheet easily available for your version of this tune?

BB live without using the limit of 500 notes, recorded last week at a cafe in Victoriaville, Quebec:

Hi man, thanks.
Sorry, I don’t have the chord sheet, but when I have some free time I probably can record the chords and put it on youtube so you can see it…
You can subscribe to my youtube channel so you know as soon as I upload it.


De nada mi amigo

Thank you, that’s very nice, but please do not go through to much trouble. I only asked if you had it readily available. I will subscribe

Suuuuuper nice! Great job Diego!

Thanks Jot.