The Wind Cries Mary, OPB, OPBk re-up - Jimi Hendrix

Either version uses the NP FM Piano & 2000 Bass.

I am providing both an OPB drums and bass version, and an OPBk version, which has an FM piano playing the rhythm guitar part during the solo.

I will likely build a Jimi Hendrix Experience kit in the not too distant future, but for now, the kit noted above will do fine.

This includes 2 .sng files, and the OPB and OPBk midi part files. Also includes chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf. A midi source file is included, which is not too far off, but I did not use it, as I ended up transcribing the bass and drums from the Transcribed Scores version of the sheet music.

Download Here


What a great upload, thank you