The Zoo in E OPB 2018-01-25 - Scorpions

The default tempo is correct and runs at 154 BPM on the BB pedal but the BB manager tempo is at 120

The intro only runs once with the Snare. You can extend it if you’d like. Works fine for me. Works best with the old Rock with bass kit. Old timers here know what that one is.

I had to mess with some of the song, it was all wrong from the midi file.

IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE EDITING THIS!! The original midi file was in 3/4 time grid for the song. (3 beats per measure.) When I transferred it to my editor, a 4 count measure is 1 and a half measures. The song is still in 4 time, but it is 6 counts per measure. That is why the bpm count doesn’t make sense. Clear as mud?


Download Here