There is a way to Skip the Intro

There is a way to skip the Intro…I did this by accident …right before you start your song …hit the main pedal than quickly (within a beat ) hit your pause …the audience will here one beat …(could be a drummer hitting his drum happens all the time) Now …when you want your BB to start, just hit the pause button again…the BB will start without the intro…the trick is that you HAVE to know your timing…

You can also stop the BB paying all intros in a setting made available with the latest firmware.

What are the steps to stop the BB paying all intros?

Go into the BeatBuddy settings by pressing “drum set” and “tempo” together. Navigate to “Main Pedal” press tap and scroll down to “intro fill” the press tap again to select it and choose “disable”, press tap again and you will have disabled all intros in the BB.

Nice, thanks! Psalm40!

Can the intro be skipped on a BB Mini?

There are two versions of the Mini. The newer one has a skip intro in the firmware. The older does not. There is no way to upgrade the firmware on the older one.