There might be an app for that

Those might be off-topic, but let me fantasize about the possibilities. As the Aeros has WiFi and Bluetooth implemented, there should be no obstacle in creating a dedicated app for Aeros or even BeatBuddy via Aeros and Midi. There are many examples of apps for music hardware. By example the Behringer apps for the X Air series. Or the Soundcraft Ui24R we use. This one does not use an app, but a microserver so you can control everything with every browser. A example can be found here: Soundcraft Mixer Demo

Taking this in consideration there are endless possibilities:

  • Controlling the devices via tablet
  • Realtime monitoring of beats and sounds, incoming and outgoing levels
  • Control buttons for those who don’t want to bend down every time or keyboarders
  • Customizable Buttons that suit your individual gig
  • Recording on tablet
  • Backing tracks
  • Individual layouts per user or per song
  • Even connections to other apps like ForScore, BandHelper or OnSong

I know, this is a stretch goal from far away, but anyway. Let me hear what you think about that!