Thinking of Purchasing Aeros and have a few questions

I’ve been looping for 12 years on various platforms (Boomerang III, Boss RC-505, RC-600, Ableton, Looperboard) I’ve always passed on the Aeros because reading through the forums it seems like it’s not fully ready for live use. I have a few questions.

  1. I heard there is no stop function for loops but it seems there is a mute that can be programmed to mute at end of loop so is this like a stop?

  2. I kind of understand the 6x6 mode as being similar to Ableton scenes. Is it possible to use it to turn on and off just 4 tracks that you record live to act like a scene mute/solo?

  3. Is it possible to use like a Boss looper? Ex: first track sets the BPM, then subsequent tracks are quantized to align with the beginning of the first recorded track.

  4. I don’t see too many if any folks playing full songs or gigging with the Aeros. If there is anyone that does I would love to hear from you and what your bigger set up is like.

  5. It looks like most people use it with a Beatbuddy. I’d prefer to use it without a drum machine and create all my percussion live. Anyone using it that way?

I am still learning the Aeros, but i think i can help with some of you question. We need to be careful on how we use the terms loop, track and song part, as they mean different things depending on the machine.

  1. you can stop the song part (containg x amount of tracks) from looping using different methods: immediate, end of measure, end of loop. The stop command can be initiated by using the Aeros foot switches or with a midi controller. The mute function can also be configured the same way. The mute function can be configured to act on one or more tracks in a song part. Since mute is not stop, the song part will continue to loop.

2)There are midi cc that can be used to solo or mute individual tracks within a song part

  1. SS just released version 5.0.0 that has the auto quatize function. This new feature is advertised by SS to do what you are asking and more. It should not only calculate the tempo for the first song part, but either link the remaining song parts to the same tempo as the original in part one…or allow the auto quantize feature to determine a new tempo for parts 2, 3…etc.

  2. Aeros works great for this. For example, in 6x6 mode you have 6 tracks within each song part. You can use each track independently for each percussive element or combine some into 1 track by overdubing. You can also control the volume of each track once recorded. The best feature is you can “lock” a track meaning this track will keep looping regardless of what song part you change to.

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