This forum is a freaking mess

First off all I love the Singular sound products. However this forum is a freaking train wreck. They have have added several different products but just jammed them into the forum. How about forum topics for the Midi Maestro, and one for the BeatBuddy, one for the Aeros, and maybe foot pedals, and sub topics like Beatbuddy midi, or maybe Beatbuddy trouble shooting, whatever, etc. Just some structure. I barley come here anymore because of the different mass of topics just in the general forum alone. Sorry just my 2 cents worth.


I agree, at first glance, it’s messy and seemingly hard to find anything. If you use a single product from Singular Sound, you can narrow your visit down to that one product by choosing a category and bookmarking it so only that product’s contents will be displayed. I happen to enjoy reading about all of the products and I bookmarked Latest. If for example you only want to visit the BeatBuddy (BB) page, you could click Categories at the top of the page and on the next page that appears and under General Discussion, select BeatBuddy and then bookmark that page.

My first post looked like yours ha

I am sure the guys at Singular Sound are hilarious, but when it comes to placing an order and finding where its at, or just taking an excessively amount of time with no real way to communicate which they never respond to your email is frustrating to say the least. In fact, I find them not so hilarious, as they don’t seem to be taking care of business at the level one would expect.

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Its just a warm up to future frustration with downloading user generated content that doesnt work culminating in the ultimate headbanger called the aeros Ive found