This forum used to be rather busy, now it's like a graveyard!

I do recall some while back, that this forum used to be busy as, now it’s pretty much just the crickets!

What happened?



hahaha! Too true

Back in the olden days…it was an exciting, bubbling caldron of creativity. Now, I look at these emails that I get and look for some good news… and have yet to see it.

Sorry the forum isn’t doing it for you any more.
I have to say as a nobody this forum has been an amazing resource of amazing song files and help. Especially folks that have written song files in response to (my) requests.
I hope it stays.


For the “back in the day” people, here’s what I enjoy about this forum:

It hasn’t (yet) become a moronic social media platform

There are no:

  • Post your latest…
  • What’s your favorite…
  • What’s your worst…
  • Best dad jokes…
  • That’s so Boomer
  • ”____” of the week crap

It has:

  • Great song files (some not so great, who cares)
  • Great BBM tips
  • Excellent archival search for past issues
  • Technical solutions that work

I don’t appreciate:

  • No replies to a question I’ve posed
    • I’ve even deleted content, and thank goodness, the admins removed it
  • No feedback to a help request (that works)
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Maybe we should request Ghost Town by The Specials. (Joke, thats beyond me and Kate to busk. Great tune though)
I think we’ve made our point though.
Fantastic resource. great forum.

I have hundreds of my own created files. I’d post them but I just don’t visit here outside of emailed summaries…when I check the latest…ummm…aeros…stuff…which doesn’t apply to me. If you have a list of songs you’re looking for, send me an email or DM and I’ll gladly give them to you if i have them. I just don’t get what I need from the company and don’t feel enthusiastic about adding to their company’s worth for free. It is basically the users and their free content that keeps this forum going. Am I selfish and stingy? No. Thus my offer to you…or anyone else here. Just a bit disgruntled.

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