this thing is great and it sucks at the same time

why u need to remove the sd card to put others song on it is crap, I don’t have an sd reader on my pc so iam screwed why cant it just download tru the cable like a phone can this be done

You have the option of using the USB cable connection to update the content on the SD card if you don’t have a SD slot on your PC

Geesh, USB SD card readers are cheaper than dirt. I’d send you one myself but the postage would 2x it’s cost. card reader usb

Guess he did not see the USB cable in the package or notice the mini USB socket on the back…

Most likely he owns a Mac… :frowning:

About the supplied USB cable - IMHO, it’s much too short to be usable. I had a longer one available so luckily, it wasn’t a problem.