THIS VIDEO CAN HELP Bluetooth connection issue

After a whole afternoon the sweating like a bull, I find how to fix that issue
I ask help to Singular sound Support and they answer me kindly this, but that’s not fix the issue :

Getting the Maestro to communicate with phone is done in a different way, please make the MM be “forgotten” from your BT list (remove it from the list) and then follow these instructions:

  1. Hold down pairing button on the back of the Maestro.
  2. Execute action on MM app (firmware upgrade, or programming device etc)

Note: DO NOT manually pair on phone’s Bluetooth list, it will show BLE CONNECTED on Maestro screen once an action is taken from app while pairing light on Maestro is blinking.

Let me know if this does not work. Thank you.

NO it’s not working because you forget one thing that you can find in this video .

Watching this please :
This can help people with the same issue
Cheers !

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Thanks for sharing the video. Sounds like there might be a difference between Android and iOS phones and privacy settings. For example, my iOS MM app does not prompt me to allow the app to track my location (via GPS) and it connects without an issue to the MM exactly as Support mentioned.

If my iOS phone MM app did prompt me to approve location tracking, I would immediately:

  • quit the MM app
  • go to my iPhone Settings/Privacy/Location Services/Tracking and disable Allow Apps to Request to Track (when it’s turned off/disabled, tracking requests are automatically disabled).

If you are using Android, I’m not sure of the steps required, but it sounds like your phone or tablet operating system allows apps to prompt you for tracking by default. If this is the case, this would not be a MIDI Maestro issue but rather an Android behavior that users must address—not Singular Sound.


Not sure !
The first time that you install the Midi Maestro app
the app asking to the location, and you need to check it (only when app is using), but the app don’t start the location at launching !
But I hope this can help other MM users

Thank you. This helped me to connect and update my firmware and default modes, but I have to say that so far, the app and the connection method are completely unintuitive and work different from Bluetooth and Android standards. The app needs to be completely overhauled to comply with Android interface standards, IMHO.

I’ll be reading the updated manual, but honestly, for something as simple as customizing an interface, this should be obvious and easy to do without having to read the manual.

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Man I was trying a whole afternoon to connect
And find it finaly