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All - I am on a mac and up until the MBB software manager beta and 1.6x beta update I had been successful in exporting your midi song parts out of MBB and dragging them into garage band to manipulate them (key change or other). Since the MBB update I get the attached error. I assume it is me and the mac environment but I need to ask - are you all able to open each other songs in your tools you are using or is this a bug in the new MBB software? I think most of you are using reaper of logic on a windows machine for your song editing? So far on the mac in garageband and aria maestosa I cannot open the exported .midi files any longer. I even downloaded reaper for the mac (eval only) and the midi files are empty that I load in. This is very frustrating for me. If you have time to try importing a midi part from another person’s song into your tool and are successful or unsuccessful can you let me know. If you are successful can you let me know what tool you are using. Thanks for the help. Also I need to add I am successful in downloading full midi songs from the web into garageband and extracting the drums and bass and importing into the midi parts into MBB. So it appears to only be midi parts from songs that have been compiled in .sng and uploaded that are problematic.


Update on something very concerning. No .midi file I export out of MBB works now with the new Beta software. Even when I export the basic blues beat without BASS (just the stock one) or any beat without bass it throws a “Data Conflict in Midi file” error at me (using garageband any version and aria maestosa, reaper and studio one presonus) . Thanks for helping me troubleshoot if this is just my computer or only a mac thing or is it a bug. I would hate to think this is a bug. I am dead in the water without the ability to export midi files to manipulate.

Just read on the board Support is aware exporting midi is a bug in the beta software. Thanks to those who posted.

Try exporting midi with BeatBuddy Manager

Yes I did that and it worked. Can you have both versions of the manager on 1 computer? Kinda afraid to try this. Presently I have 1.5 x on another computer.

Sure can. I have and use both loaded on this computer and my desktop. Just remember that is limited to <500 notes so you can’t do the one-shot loops as many have uploaded and shared.