Thoughts . . . ?

. . . about how to identify songs that we upload to Resources that include keyboard and would like to propose that we standardize using a ‘k’ suffix to identify songs transcribed with keys (since we don’t identify type of bass instrument other than just a generic B).

A one-press bass with keys would be displayed in the Song Title as OPBk. Because we sometimes upload multiple renditions of a song in the same zip file, (drums, OPB and OPBk) been wondering how to make that stand out as well. Maybe as simple as DOP (drums one-press), OPB, and OPBk? The kit with type of keys would be identified in the Description block. If nothing appears next to the song title, it’s implied that it’s a multi-part song.


It’d be useful if the acronym was longer than 3 chars - the search function rejects searches with less than 4 chars. I find this incredibly frustrating.

Thanks for the feedback. You can try this for 3 character searches abc* e.g., OPB*

Oh cool - thanks - I never knew that :slight_smile:

Ah but that excludes results with “OPB” -

also, search term “opb*” doesn’t return songs named like “abc (OBP)” ,
so, back to my original suggestion…