Thousand Miles From Nowhere

Thousand Miles From Nowhere
Dwight Yoakam

  • 1000 Miles From Nowhere_C. (Key of C like the record)
  • 1000 Miles From Nowhere_A (Key of A. Tip: Capo 2nd fret to play in G)

The complete song plays in the intro section of BeatBuddy.
Be sure that Intros are enabled in the BeatBuddy settings.
After the song plays it will progress to an empty loop.
You will need to manually end the song.


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i downloaded from dropbox and the sng files wouldn’t load into my BB.

Had no issues loading it, unpacked it, saved to my harddrive. imported it to my song list, had to choose the right drumkit and it played. It is in the intro though, so maybe if you have set your bb to no intro, it might not play