"Thread"... Saying Thanks To "Guitar Stu" (for all the hard work)



Thanks Guitar Stu !


Well deserved thread, Thanks Stu


Thanks so much Stu. Really appreciate all your hard work. Keep it up Buddy…

Good stuff! Thanks Stu!

Thanks Stu! :slight_smile:

Thank you Stu

Ditto the thanks to Stu and really thanks to any and everyone who’s taken the time to create a song and post it for the rest of us to use

I would like to chime in and say thank you as well. You create some awesome stuff and we love your contributions to the forum! :slight_smile:

a huge thank you to Stu and all who share there work !!
Ken from Winnipeg

Thanks everyone.

I’m really impressed on how much songs Stu is working on and still improving. I’m really appreciating!

Thanks Stu! I wouldn’t have got a bunch of fine tuning of my tracks if it wasn’t for your help and it is sweet to have a good collection of cover tunes already to go! What a life saver! I am not sure why I thanked “Charlie” on my track page there; I actually meant that for you! Too many bong hits to the brain, I guess! :confused:o_O;)lol. Anyhow thanks so much for your hard work and time “Charlie” Stu!