Three button footswitch

Any of a myriad number of pre-programmed functions. Any of which the pedal could execute. :slight_smile:

The footswitch jack just has two channels, so a third switch would be like pressing the first two at the same time.

This is why we built the MIDI Maestro - for people who want more footswitches and way to customize it all.

Maybe just have a option to pause with a accent? That seems doable!

Like others, I have the Beatbuddy mounted up high so it’s easy to select songs
I then start them by pressing the main pedal with my hand
I also use an external footswitch to Pause/Unpause

It would be nice to see one more function in the external footswitch menu to start a song if the song is stopped (emulates pressing the BB Main pedal to start a song)
• No Action
• Accent Hit
• Song Advance
• Song Back
• Tap Tempo

That would enable me to select a song on the BeatBuddy, then use a single external footswitch to start the song & also Pause/Unpause

Hello…this is for use with a Lexicon G2. The folks at Lexicon recommended a Digitech FS300, but it uses toggle switches, which don’t work particularly well with the Lexicon, since the Lexicon doesn’t respond to the state of the pedal when changing patches. Also, the Lexicon needs a momentary footswitch to work conveniently with tempo tapping.

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I realize I am reviving an old thread.

Is there any likelihood that functionality will be added for the 3rd switch on something like a Digitech FS3X where the 3rd switch acts like pressing switches 1 & 2 simultaneously?

DavidPackouz sounded interested 6 years ago but thus far nothing has happened.