Three Dog Night - Shambala DOP

If someone has the time and inclination to tackle this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all of you who take the time to contribute and fulfill the requests on this Fourm!

Here’s an OPB version

After you’ve imported the song, change the kit in the BBM for this song to drums, Standard 1.1 or Rock 1.1 and see how it sounds. If it isn’t to your liking, I’ll work up a DOP.

Will do! Thanks

Unfortunately that file is too sparse imo. Lots of hi-hat and no drums. Not a fan of all the hand claps either. Thanks for the suggestion nonetheless.

3 Dog Night has been one of my favorite vocal groups and Shambala has always been an ear worm.

:slight_smile: Your MIDI source file is the same as I used. I’m getting ready to post the DOP as an update to my original post. Reduced the velocity of the handclaps a touch. Will also include a version with keys.

And here it is

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Nice! Much appreciated. That was quick. Love the tag on the end.