Thunder Rolls with Bass & Thunder

Thunder Rolls with Bass & Thunder
This song is based on the Thunder Rolls with Bass song created by Guitar Stu I believe.
I did not create the Drum or Bass notes. I added a 6 bar intro with Thunder wave files. I removed the bass notes in Verse 1. The Bass comes in prior to Verse 2 on “Rolls”. I removed some bass notes in the “ModBass” versions to make the bass “less busy”. There are 4 versions of the songs included in 2 keys, Dm-Capo 5 & Bm-Capo 2. All versions are OPB songs located in the Intro section. The Intro with Thunder waves are also location in the Main loop section to be used as an extended Outro to play with slide guitar or ended as desired. Best played with my Rock_V2_2_30_Bagpipes&Thunder drumset. (Included). This can also be used to play the bagpipes in the Intro of Copperhead Road.
Any drumset can be used as long as you insert the two Thunder wave files into Instrument 33 of the drumset. Set the velocity of Thunder-01 to 0-70 and Thunder-02 to 71-127.

Included are 4 versions of the song, Intro Midi file, Thunder wave files, Cheat sheet, Drumset.

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