Tico Tico (segmented + OPBk)

Always has been one of my favorite songs to play, and, finally, did it up for the BB.

  • Segmented version: essentially just a loop of the song with a count in as the intro
  • OPBk

Both use ‘NP standard bass piano low’

Tico_Tico_seg.sng (46.2 KB)
Tico_Tico_OPBp.sng (46.1 KB)

I play piano accordion and use the following for Tico Tico. I thought you might find it interestingTico_Tico.sng|attachment (631.9 KB)

that is great thank you!

Thank you for this upload

djreisat or AlmaZazz
Is your sng attachment available also?
it doesn’t have a link.