tight swing beats

I am impressed with the pedal but find very few usable tracks
the swing and jazz tracks all sound a bit lame and sloppy
does anyone know of any tight crisp swing and jazz drum tracks that are suitable for this pedal
many thanks

I bought the GrooveMonkee Jazz buddy beats from here: https://groovemonkee.com/collections/beatbuddy-packs/products/jazz-buddy.

I really like them. They are high quality, not too busy…Russ the owner is a great guy to deal with. I highly recommend taking a look. They are much more in line with my needs.

The stock jazz beats are tough to deal with on the beat buddy in my opinion, if I had a drummer that played like that I would dock his pay. :slight_smile: They are just too busy, lots of ambient cymbal noise…

Hi rick .
yes I’ve got those and they are better but still rhythmically loose about 3/5 to 2/5 on swing feel I’m looking for a tighter swing getting towards
3/4 to1/4 ratio