Time - Pink Floyd 128BPM (includes custom kit)

Package includes DOP, OPB and “full arrangement” with piano and choir (OPBkv).

Kit is required and is included.

I did not include a cheat. It should be easy enough to find one on-line.


Amazing what you did with that one Phil_Flood… Really nicely done…

Thank you… and Skol… :beers:

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Awesome!! Thankyou

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Thanks Phil_Flood

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Many thanks @Phil_Flood.

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Always great to see another of your projects come out. After numerous posts, exchanges and listening to your originals you clearly have a keen understanding.

BTW - here’s how we’ve been doing it for awhile - all one tempo, stock beats and sound clip samples I crafted triggered via an embedded button in the iPad app UnRealBook. The cheat sheet is pretty straight up as you say - easily found.


I enjoyed your cover. :grinning:

I have been a user for almost a year and love the beat buddy the only problem is I have never done a download and install of some of these files. Is there anyway you could point me towards a sticky or a thread that would get me to the point where I could install this file I’m going to download it

  1. Download the file and unzip it. The download contains 3 .sng files and 1 .drm file.

  2. The song file labeled DOP is just drums and the clocks intro. The song file labeled OPB is drums plus bass plus the clocks intro. The file labeled OPBkv is a full arrangement containing the intro, drums, bass, piano and choir voices. Those are all .sng files. You can import them into BB Manager using the File>Import> Song command.

  3. The drum kit is a special drum kit required for any of the 3 files to work. You do need to impor it, but you only need to import it once. To import the drumkit from BB Manager, use File>Import>Drumset. After the drumset is imported, find it at the bottom of your drumsets list in BB Manager. Click the box in front of its name to make it active and available for the any of the songs.

  4. Once the song is loaded into BB Manager, you will need to synchronize your project with your SD card to make song available to play in the pedal. Save the project, then Synchronize the project. If synchronize is not available, i.e,. it is greyed out, use File>Export Project to SD card. That process takes several minutes. Once the Project is Exported, you can eject the SD card from your SD card slot in the computer or card holder, and put it in your BB pedal.

  5. The song is in a One Press format with the entire song in the “Intro” section of the song. When you press the pedal with the song active, it will begin to play. It will play through the song, and then enter the null loop, where there is no sound. Double tap to end the song.


Thanks I really appreciate it

Phil can I download all three of those files and I have three different songs one without bass one with bass and drums one with bass drums piano? I’m getting ready to do that today sorry I was slow to get back

Sorry to ask ignorant questions but what is a cheat sheet. Damm! so much to learn.

Cheat sheet would be a chord chart or guitar tab.

Yes. When you download the .zip you will get all three versions. You can install each of them in BB Manager and have all three.

Thanks Phil

This beat is awesome, especially the full version with keyboards and choir. Just wondering if there is any way to play the full version, minus the bass track? I’m a bass player and want to jam this with my guitarist mate and currently just playing over the top of the bass on the track.

Cheers :beers:

Time_128_BPM OPkv.sng (15.9 KB)

Attached is the full version without bass. Enjoy!

Thank you. You are a legend :metal:

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Here’s how it turned out this afternoon in case anyone is interested…


Thanks again Phil Flood…