Time signature sync issue

Just updated my BB to the latest firmware, and all hell is breaking loose with this time signature change. The issues are:

  1. My ROLAND SY300 keeps telling me that it is receiving bulk data, even though it is on a different channel.

  2. My message to the downstream devices are not always getting there, they get interrupted by this time signature sync thing. If I turn off time signature sync, everything works as expected.

This started happening as of the latest update to BB.


Just to add to that, I think I know what is happening. Ahead of Beat Buddy I have a midi control pedal which sends toggle midi messages (cc) on a different channel then bb. These messages go thru the beat buddy on the way to the target device (in this case Axe fx 3). Becasue these are toggles, once I turn it on it sends a value of 127 on cc x and then of course a value of 0 on cc x. The time signature sync apparrently interferes with this and causes the behavior that the midi control pedals in latch mode work only sporadically. Momentary midi controls work 90% of the time ok but also experience these issues. None of my devices are set to omni mode.