time to start whinging

Only had the beat buddy for a couple of months and its cost me more time trying to fix the problems it has than actually using it…the latest is now it has lost power when you plug it in. I checked the site and found that the power jack is apparently a stand alone set up in the pedal and has 2 wires that run to the circuit board and if your ok with soldering then you might be able to do DUI. The thing is if it was out of warranty Id probably atleast have a look but because its under warranty I would be best to send it back to the shop and try to get a replacement. So at my expense I’m sending it back and will have to wait for a new one.

For gods sake its hardly been used…common beat buddy get it together. I like the product but don’t thnk I could recommend it

Hi, peterd. Sounds like your firmware update might have gone sideways. If you would care to try updating your firmware one more time and see if that resolves your issues (in a previous thread you said you were having volume problems with your Boomerang).

If this doesn’t solve your problem, then please contact support@singularsound.com

how do I do a firmware upgrade if the beatbuddy wont power on?
thanks for asking about the boomerang issue that seems to have settled down.

In order to help, need some more details, please:

  • What version of the firmware are you using? 1.2.9, 1.4.1, 1.8.5?
  • Mac or PC OS and which version?
  • Does your computer have a built-in SD card reader?
  • What was the last thing you were doing with the BeatBuddy just before it would not power on?

version 1.8.5
computer is a pc and has a SD card reader
I was using it fine at a friends place when I went home and plugged it in again …nothing.
checked for voltage from the power supply with a multimeter and that was fine
even took the back off to see if the wires from the jack to the circuit board were ok and they were.
so I’m guessing its something to do with the circuit board and I will have send it to be repaired or replaced under warranty
that’s why I’m really pissed off

I can understand why you’re annoyed. Sometimes it’s the really simple things that cause problems, though. Here’s a checklist of things to try before you contact Support:

  • make sure you’re using the power adaptor that came with your BeatBuddy;
    • no kinks, cuts or breaks in power adaptor cable;
    • barrel of power jack fully seated in the pedal’s power input;
  • SD card fully seated in the pedal; remove it and reinsert.

Once you’ve eliminated the usual suspects, you have two more major steps to try:
With existing SD card

  • insert the SD card in your computer’s built-in slot reader;
  • synchronize BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to SD card; close the BBM
  • delete all files from the SD card; (do not format the SD card)
  • copy the five 1.8.5 firmware files to the card; eject card from SD card reader
  • with the power off on your pedal, insert SD card and power pedal up; if it powers up, allow the firmware update to complete

If this did not work,
Try with new SD card (yes, sometimes an SD card will fail)

  • copy the five 1.8.5 firmware files to the card; eject card from SD card reader
  • with the power off on your pedal, insert SD card and power pedal up; if it powers up, allow the firmware update to complete

If your pedal powered up, insert SD card in your computer; you can use BBM to Export Project to your SD card and Sync. Put the card back into the pedal and if you use a remote foot switch settings, check and restore the settings.

If none of these steps work, then you’ve done everything within reason to eliminate the most common causes for the pedal to not power up. Please contact support@singularsound.com.

Gotta be a glitch. Hang In there. This thing is great and well worth figuring out problems. Had a few myself. (Operator error) my fault. A piece of equipment like this is complex and therefore there is a learning curve. Let the guys get you back in business and you won’t regret it.

Thanks for the encouragement I agree its got great potential and Im hanging in there. Got a replacement sent recently as the other one had died. Just tried to create a beat using stu’s guide for dummies. It must be outta date or something anyway I went all the way thru to exporting my midi beat only to find beatbuddy doesn’t recognise.mid files. What the @#$%.Why cant they make it easier!! Im not a pro sound engineer I just want something easy to use to create a few simple beats to use at open mic’s. Just some basic stomp box beats would be great

The earlier version does allow you to export and edit. The latest does not. I have brought this up several times and I expect that it is going to be fixed with the next official version. I HOPE SO.

Do you have the latest version of BBManager (1.64)? You create songs via the BBManager and then transfer them to your pedal via synchronization. Is this how you are doing it? If it is, and you are facing any issues, we’ll be more than happy to assist you personally, including phone support sessions with remote viewing if need be.

Tried all day yesterday with this stuff! Just found out that you need the earlier version of beatbuddy to import midi alla stu’s method. So very disappointed as it was fairly easy to create what I needed with MULab. Had a go downloading BEATbuilder couldn’t get it to open!!I had a look at the manual and it looked way too complicated.

Are any of the other software programs compatible with the current version of beatbuddy firmware. maybe I should get a spare sd sd and create the beats on that. I’m only after some basic stomp box bass drum beats for open mic at the moment

Will it be possible in the finished BBM version, to export midis and open them in a stand alone editor?

It’s already possible. We did have a recent bug where the exported MIDI files somehow got corrupt but I believe it was fixed. Are you still having issues exporting them? (Action: Right click on song track and select ‘export midi file’)

The midi file exported from the Mac BBM is not editable.

Reported to @aashideacon. He says it will be looked into soon.

Im using the 1.5 version of beatmanager. Are you saying that you can do some midi editing in version 1.64? Don’t know why Ive got the older version but I think I downloaded it off the web site recently arghh, if so how about putting the latest version on. Or is it full of bugs. After reding posts about it it seems that plenty of people havre had problems installing it. To be honest with you Im over it and don’t feel like putting myself thru more never ending problems!!!.

Still doesn’t work. All I get when I open the exported file is garbled.

So glad the developers are on this. I am dead in the water now because I regularly take songs that others have posted in resource area and slightly tweak their midi files for my liking- i.e. Key change or solo extensions etc… Please notify us when this has been fixed in the notes area in the new update area. I will keep an eye out. Love this product!!! :slight_smile:

I’m with you on that emacnevin. When this was functional, I was in BB heaven. I hear so many things I want to tweak and customize to my taste and for now I’m not able to and I can’t use them. It will be a great day when it’s all ironed out.