[SIZE=4]Alan TNew Member[/SIZE]
I am brand new to Beatbuddy, just got it.

One issue I have run into, is that I have some songs where drums come in toward the middle, only in several parts.

Is there a way to continue the Count In" intro function as long as desired, to help me keep time as I play and sing rather than having to watch the visual metronome?

What I mean is, is there a way to have simple cymbol “ding” or the sound of drumsticks clicked together until I want to start the main drum part? It would be much easier while playing and singing than trying to watch the visual metronome.

Please remember I am a newbie so be simple with your answers.

If the start is only 8 or 12 measures in, i use “foot hats” to provide a subtle indication of where the beat is. tsh tsh tsh tsh. Any more than that, I just start the song in the middle. I do this on Under the Milky Way, where it doesn’t really start until verse two. It will take a few times to practice how to start it exactly. Some times you’ll have to add a “pick up” to alert that the drums are getting ready start, like a double drum snare hit or something.