Timing difference starting with "Pause" vs "Start"?

Could be I’ve missed something and this maybe also be too awkward to search existing threads effectively (hence the lack of results I got after a few tries).

I “false” start songs where I don’t use Intros then hit pause quickly on the pedal Switch #1 so I can get a clean on-tempo start. If I use the BB footswitch itself there seems to be a delay?

You can change settings in the main pedal to start on push. Default setting is release. It works perfect once you change this setting.

Ahhhh thanks! I am humbled realizing now thanks to you that I read this part of the manual - but it didn’t stick. I guess I have no idea why I would want to use it that way or when it would come in handy?

We are all at various stages of the learning curve. You can’t learn it all the first time! That’s why we have this community :slight_smile:

The reason it is default to start on release has to do with being able to hold the pedal down will bring up the option of tap tempo before you start a song and you can adjust the tempo before the song starts with your feet. With set to start on push you loose this option. Personally I have never used the tap tempo with beatbuddy but find the start on push function vital.