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I have been searching for this on the forum for the last hour or so, and can’t quite seem to find the answers I am seeking. When, with respect to the position in a measure and your pedal tapping actions, do the transitions and fills take place. I know I can adjust some of this with the cue fill setting command, but I am still having issue with parts of fills not being played. I am doing full song arrangements.

  1. Main loop to drum fill - I tap the pedal and the drum fill starts when?
  2. While in a drum fill to get to the next main loop, I hold and release, and the next main loop will start when?
  3. In a main loop with no fills or transitions, a bridge for example, I hold and release, and the next main loop will start when?
  4. When I double tap, when will the outro start?

For purposes of the above, assume cue fill settings is at 50%. Thank you, and I really wish this kind of info was in the manual.

Having received no reply, I have submitted the question to singular support.

This is the reply from support:

[INDENT]On page 31 of the manual (http://mybeatbuddy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/BeatBuddy_Manual_v15_r1.pdf):
Cue Fill Period
Main Pedal > Cue Fill Period

This allows you to set the amount of the measure that has been
played before the fill is played in the next measure, rather than in
the current one. So if the setting is at 75%, and you tap the pedal
before 75% of the measure has been played, then the fill will start
immediately and end in the current measure. If you tap the pedal
after 75% of the measure has been played, it will wait until the
next measure to play the fill.

  1. If you set the cue fill settings to 50%, then the fill will play in the same measure if you hit the pedal before 50% of the measure has passed, and in the next measure if the current measure is passed the 50% mark.

  2. After the transition fill’s measure finishes it will advance to the next part, assuming your foot is off the pedal, otherwise it will continue for another bar.

  3. Right after the bar finishes.

  4. According to the cue fill settings.

Correct, the BBManager does not currently function in direct parallel to the BeatBuddy itself.

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Probably the most important this here is this:

Correct, the BBManager does not currently function in direct parallel to the BeatBuddy itself.

That means, of course, that getting the timing correct in BBM is not necessarily gonna be the way you would need to perform it on the BB pedal. Regarding the other answers:

  1. Yes, I had seen the cue fill settings instruction in the manual. To me, it is not comprehensive enough. Specifically, is the pedal release the point at which the 50% would be counted, or is it at the pedal actuation?
  2. This helps clear up issues regarding multi-measure transitions. If you have one of those, I guess you need to hold the pedal down until you are in the last measure of the transition.
  3. This is also useful to know. When putting together “with bass” songs for performance, it may be easier to just not use transitions and fills, and simply have a song that progresses through each section, with each section being its own main loop, i.e., verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, and then an outro.
  4. Also good to know. For me it will be best to have the cue fill settings set to a minimal amount, so that when I trigger an outro, I know it will begin in the next bar.

One further comment - It occurs to me that if I had a song that simply had a long jam at the end, and a fixed performance length of the other parts, something like the original Derek and the Dominoes version of Layla, I could load everything up until the end jam into the intro, then when that finished, the end jam would be the main loop, and could play as long as needed until I wanted to end, with some sort of outro. This might be one way to simplify song creation for Beat Buddy, without getting into a whole host of midi commands.

I seemed to have caused some confusion. I didn’t mean that the pedal will not follow the BBManager’s set default BPM or specific settings per song, as the BeatBuddy will perform exactly as you set each song to be (after you synchronize your project to your SD card). I was referring more to the pedal’s and footswitch’s default function settings - such as accent hit vs. pause (footswitch) or whether or not the main pedal will start a song with an intro or a count-in (BB pedal). The BBManager cannot set those type of settings, and therefore is not parallel in that way to the pedal. In a future version of the BBManager this may be a feature, but not in the current one.

It counts it at actuation, which is either when you press the pedal or release it, according to what you set in your pedal’s settings. (Main Pedal > Start Beat > Press/Release).

You don’t have to. It will play the whole transition. If you want to go for another round, then you’ll have to keep your foot down.

Good idea. :slight_smile:

Regarding BBM performance, I was referencing the ability to change the Cue Fill Settings. Is that an option in BBM? Please excuse my ignorance if it is, but I do not know how to change that in BBM to match my pedal.

Regarding the multi-measure transitions, my experience has been that the multi-measure transition ends at the end of the current measure when I release the pedal. If I hold the pedal until the final measure of the transition I get it all to play. Is this a settings issue?

Thanks for the help. I have trying to make one new song arrangement per day, and your assistance is quite valuable.