Timing Transitions

I have a pattern with a transition. Beat is 4/4. The Transition is a full measure. I want that full measure to play after the fourth beat in the pattern measure from which I trigger the transition. However, I am absolutely messing up the timing. I’m holding the pedal on beat 4. Sometimes the next beat (1) plays the transition – which is what I want – but more often than not, it simply skips the transition and rolls to the next pattern. I’ve tried varying the timing – hitting a bit before the beat 4th-- and and how long I hold down the pedal, but I am unable to nail it.

When I trigger from say beat 2 – it fires the transition at that point, and plays it for the 2 remaining beats in that measure.

Any suggestions?

My workaround (jamming tonight) was to pull the transition and instead, just add it to the successive beat. Not ideal, but without a transition, the timing’s no longer a real issue (I just have to make sure to move to the next beat before that transition measure plays).

Check the queue period.


One point - those posts referred to the fill. Does the same logic apply to the transition as well? Again, thanks.

Yes the transitions behave in the same way dependant on the queue fill period.

I have better luck with short transition fills, like half-measure fills. Full measure transition fills are more likely to be skipped if you don’t time things correctly.