Timpani available to add to a drum kit?

I found and downloaded a user-created song for Roy Orbison’s “You Got It,” but it doesn’t seem to have the timpani, so I’m trying to determine if I can add it. I’ve only figured out how to modify existing song parts in the BBM editor, which is probably not ideal. None of the kits I have show timpani as an option. Is it possible to find something online and just add it to an existing kit? I’m really lost on how to program this thing.

You can but before you tackle such an endeavor, you might want to read some of the excellent posts and tutorials shared by Phil_Flood. One of the reasons such a kit hasn’t been made available is because the number of songs that require timpani is probably quite low and thus there may be little demand for such a custom kit.

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Sage advice as usual, persist. I’ll check out some of Phil_Flood’s posts and try to learn a little more. You’re right about timpani not being in high demand; I’ve only had need of it this once, and I can practically count the strikes needed on one hand. Perhaps I can sub a couple of floor toms and call it good. Thanks again persist!

Let us know how it turns out. I usually shift (replace) the timpani midi region in my DAW (digital audio workstation) to use a regular drum set and although a poor substitute, it tends to work (with as you mentioned, the toms and bass drum). I think, but don’t recall this that is what I did with my You Got It effort.

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Ha! I didn’t realize you had already done one for that song; I just found and downloaded it. In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I will happily avail myself of your expertise. Thanks again, persist–always appreciate your help!

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Subbing timpani for floor toms in an already existing kit is probably the easiest way to go. I have a tutorial on editing drum kits that explains the process. You would need to find or make the timpani samples, but that’s not too difficult.

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Thanks Phil. I’ll look for that tutorial and see if I can’t learn how to do that.


References to LBDM are a package that I built to port the Alesis SR-16 to Beat Buddy.

Thanks a million Phil; I’ll check it out.