Tin Man - America

Thought I’d upload one of mine the intro is just the high hat with a 1 bar count in then you play the intro riff followed by the verse. The verse is a 1 bar loop the transition should be done onbeat 4 and it will go into the chorus loop which is a 2 bar loop when ready on beat 4 of the 2nd bar the transition will repeat the 1st bar of the chorus over ’ or the tropic of sir galahad’ then it will play the intro riff hold the pedal down to play all 4 bars of the transition and let go on beat 4 of bar 4 and it will go to part 3 which includes a drum fill after that I’d loop quickly to part 1 and straight into the chorus etc. as often as you like. The outro is just 1 bar.

I found it a little tricky sometimes to do the two transitions so I’ve added sections for each verse and chorus to make it easier
Tin_Man_-_America_v2.sng (2.2 KB)

Tin_Man_-_America.sng (1.9 KB)