Tip for MIDI Editing

Hello buddies,

I would like to share with you a technique that works well (for me) for editing Midi files.

A few weeks ago, I posted a question about this topic on Facebook, but at this time I was not able to find the good tool for my needs.

Step 1 : In BB Manager, Export your Midi pattern (intro, loop, fill, transition, etc.) into a file on your drive.

Step 2 : Open this Midi file with MuseScore (free), you will read your rythm as a standard notation music sheet, MuseScore can also play it.

Step 3 : Do what you need to do : add measures, add or remove notes, copy/paste, import other patterns, etc. Double-click on a measure to edit it.

Step 4 : Export your work as Midi file from MuseScore.

Step 5 : Import back to BB Manager.

This is very useful for creating full songs for example, or longer patterns.

I hope that will help ! :slight_smile:


Thanks Michael! I’ve been looking for a good editor. I’ll give MuseScore a try