Tipp for Newbies (like me): Beatbuddy + Presonus Studio One Drag & Drop Worklflow

If you pre-listen your loops with Studio One (in case you bought groovemonkee-packs), you can drag the loops directly from the Studio-One Loop-Browser to the Beatbuddy Manager-Songeditor. So you dont have to import them. Simply drag & drop.
Hey admins - if this is already known, you may delete this post :slight_smile:

Cool tip however (BIG however), this may not be good as the BBM manages its own file structure and dragging and dropping without using the BBM tools may cause issues on down the road. YMMV :oops:

Huups, yesterday I found out what you mean, I think. I wanted to export a song which I created the way described above to share it with others. But had to see, that exported size is only 3 KB. I couldn‘t proove it, but i think there were no midi-patterns included, because the BB manager only stores the paths, where they are stored on a harddisc.