Tips for midi sync with looper.

Can anyone give tips on this: I am trying to get the BB to start when I loop on my Gibson Echoplex (the looper not the tape delay). So far nothing works.

*This works with other drum machines
*I am using a midi cable from a Yamaha CP - it fits and looks the same but is there something proprietary about the BB cable?
*I tried midi out to Logic and no midi is being sent.
*Tried a keyboard midi in - no signal.

If it is that it needs the BB cable, will it start playing with the loop, with midi clock synced just like my Alesis SR-16 does?

You should use the BB Midi Sync Cable

It should work but the the Gibson Echoplex users on this forum seem to be a very small and quiet group.

Ok thanks.

Ok, so yes the official cable worked. All is good except I start a loop - BB plays as it should with midi clock sent but it includes some kind of metronome in the background. When you stop the BB the metronome continues until you stop the looper.
How do I stop this metronome playing?

If you haven’t read the BeatBuddy user guide, you might want to do so; you can find instructions for the metronome on p4.

The instructions refer to the visual metronome. I’m actually hearing something like a metronome. after BB is stopped. Ok, I’ll try turning visual metronome off to see if that changes anything and report back.

Once the BB pedal is paused or stopped, there should be no noise from it. If this continues, separate the BB from the looper and test the BB with a pair of headphones to see if it’s still making the sound. If it isn’t, test the looper independently to see if you still have the background metronome.

Ok, I have a solution and will share for all the loopers who may have this problem.
From your advice above I disconnected the midi connection and the metronome stopped. I had a suspicion that my looper was sending note on messages and so I connected a midi keyboard to my looper. Sure enough, it was sending midi note messages. I went into the looper and set the midi channel to 1. On the BB I set the midi channel to 2. This solved everything as it seems that it still sends midi clock for tempo and start. Problem solved. Hope this is useful to others.

Thanks for sharing what you found.