Tips for using Expression Pedal

Hi, third day using the Midi Maestro in BeatBuddy Mode, and I was wondering if anyone has tips for using the Expression Pedal to control the tempo of BB.
I’ve read the manual as well as other posts on here, and have configured my Yamaha FC7 expression pedal, and confirmed in clutch mode that it’s reading 0 to 100.
I’ve also gone into clutch mode and set various initial levels on the pedal so that I can get a better range of tempo changes.
I let my song app set the initial tempo (by Midi) but sometimes I need to tweak it slightly on-the-fly, but the pedal is “SO” touchy, the slightest touch goes up or down 20 BPM, and it’s kinda hard to get back to where I was.
Is this because of where I set the initial level during clutch mode? Or a problem with my Yamaha FC7? Or is it that just the way this works?

Hey there,

The sensitivity of your pedal is more than likely caused by your pedal directly, not the BB or MM itself

Thanks for the question!

Ok, is there a recommended or tested pedal that works well?

This one works fine for me

Cool, thanks!