Tips with Drum Transitions Between Song Parts with Aeros + BeatBuddy

I find whenever I try to record a multi-part song on the Aeros, the drum transitions don’t work right and are jarring. I love how the Beatbuddy has smart transition on their built in tracks between drum parts, but right now my Aeros recordings don’t have this.

My main goal is to use Aeros for hobbyist song writing (not performance). Currently my signal chain is guitar -> BeatBuddy -> Aeros -> Speaker.

I’ll usually do something like start recording by starting drums and rhythm guitar say 8 measure verse loop and then play or record layers over this. This works great for the a single song part.

The problem is I’ll eventually want to move to the next song part (say pre-chorus or chorus). I’ve usually muted the BeatBuddy by now (so I don’t have multiple drum parts going on top of each other). But if I want to play a loop part (that has drums recorded) and then move to a chorus (with say a drum transition between them), I can’t get it to work right. Like going to unmute the beatbuddy and transition to the next part, it will have the transition play over the recorded loop for a bit. I guess I could go to 6x6 mode and record a transition part that’s never supposed to loop and just play through once between say parts 1 (verse) and 3 (chorus), but that seems difficult (lots of taps in short period of time).

I could reorder the signal chain as guitar -> Aeros -> Beatbuddy -> Speaker and that solve would solve these duplicate drum issues and get the transitions available. But then my recorded wav files from the Aeros won’t have any drums (and I think I’ll have to remember every song’s drum settings / bpms) and continually use beatbuddy while playing. Does this work well for others?

Is it straightforward to add back beatbuddy tracks (along with the smart time fills) in a DAW relatively easily? Or should I just do a second play with the beatbuddy going into the aeros to finally record the drums from the beatbuddy (as a new track that’s the length of the entire verse / chorus)?

Hey there,

I will say that we do not recommend users record the BB into the Aeros, but rather play them both live by connecting them via MIDI. If your issue is you only have one speaker, you can route the BB audio through the Aeros without recording it. Just place BeatBuddy signal into Aux In for Aeros, set it so that it does not record from the Aux in, and then enable the Aux In in the device Playback setting to hear the BB live signal.

If you’d like you can also hear everything back on the BB using headphones by routing the outputs of the Aeros into the BeatBuddy. You could also route the Aeros through the BB into your speaker with this set up.

The MIDI chain however should be BeatBuddy > Aeros

Thanks for your question let me know if this helps.