To change the tone of a song

Another way to change the tone with the songs files that contain bass, organ, piano, is using the Digitech The Drop, placing it on the pedalboard after the BeatBuddy.

Won’t that change the pitch of the drums too?

Normally I only have one tone so that the singer feels more comfortable with the voice. This also affects the drums but in small measure.

So that would be a big ole YES then. Right? I play with another guitar player who uses the Drop pedal as we tune to Eb standard and he likes his Floyd set up at E standard for pliability and he uses the same guitar in another band that tunes to E standard… It’s a cool pedal for that but I can’t really imagine de-tuning all the drums as well. Although it may sound cool with some kits… Experimentation is the key I suppose. Cheers!

You could use a kit which has drums panned to one stereo channel and the other instruments panned to the other channel and split the signal. Might work, but would be an effort to put the kit together.

Indeed, there are some issues where drums do not usually change that much.

It is also a good solution, but it costs a lot to do this for each song.Normally I use 2 amplifiers to play, the 1 is more treble and the other is more bass.

I always run the BB through my stereo PA (or headphones) so panning drums to one side and instruments to the other is not only time consuming but it isn’t practical for me either.

I guess I just prefer to take the time to transpose when needed. Which isn’t that much of a big deal considering I am mostly writing my own stuff anyway.