to re-download a purchased drumkit do I have to buy it again?

so, I purchased a new drum kit…after I did the install to my sd card I have some how lost all the other stock drumkits that came from the factory…so I’m wondering if I wind up re-downloading the entire contents to my sd card and in that process I lose the new kit that is there do I have to re-purchase that particular drumkit again? I deleted the email that had the download link in it when I bought the new kit. I have also posted a question in the fechnical support section on how to get all my drumkits back to the sd card after this glich happened, but no help so far as how to get all my drumkits back…I’m stuck with only the one new kit I purchased on my card…not sure what to do here?

Open your BB account through your webrowser and click on ‘Orders’. You should find your previous purchases plus links to the downloads there. Here’s the link:

Save your downloaded files from your purchased kit separate from your BBWorkspace folder. You can re-import them at any time as long as you have the original downloads saved elsewhere. Any time I make a purchase involving downloaded files, I save the zipped downloads so I can do a rebuild in the event something like this happens.

As I said over in the technical forum, I would need more information about what you did with your projects and files that messed them up before trying to help you recover using anything but redownloading from the links…

If you haven’t saved the downloads (double check your Downloads folder) and you can’t access your orders via your account, then you’ll have to contact BB customer service to re-activate your download link.

yes, I just went snooping around and I didn’t even realize we had such thing as an "account’…I thought we just made instant purchases and that was just that. so I went into my account and there was a list of all my purchases so I could redownload as needed. and I also did some looking around in the manager and was able to fix my missing drumkits…all I did was go to my drumkits and place a check on all the kits and then just simply edit them…moved them back onto the sd card…simple…just didn’t know what to do or even think about it before. like I said, I purchased the new Ludwig kit and was always using that kit so never went to switch drumkits until yesterday and saw all my kits gone. I also forgot that the Ludwig kit File was still in my pc so I could have just went there and re uploaded back to the card…lol. wow, this is gonna take practice working with this stuff. im no computer savy dude, I can actually build websites from html scratch code but this stuff here is totally new to me as a musician !!! thanks, for your help.