To Singluar sound...Sabbath

Dear Singular sound.

Ive been good all year and would love to see Black Sabbath collection!

Many Thanks


Got my BB today and went through all the packs and seen Paranoid…
Really bummed out. I was hoping to find something in the forums, still bummed.
War Pigs, NIB, Hand of Doom, Fairies Wear Boots, Sweet Leaf, Symptom of The Universe.
I have a cart full of drums, but I’m not buying squat after dropping $350 only to see songs like “Blurred Lines”.
Also, I watched so many videos of people covering songs and the drums sound great, the standard and rock drums leave a lot to be desired. So I have to buy a drum kit in order to have a good sound. I’m even running through a Keyboard amp. ugggggg

I would also love more Sabbath, or Stoner / doom type of drum kit, but you can finf a kit of Doom drum loops that are wonderfull and perfectly compatible with BB on Beatmonkee, it is here ! :